My first and last fishing trip

Strawberry Reservoir

If I wasn’t the only one taking pictures, you would see me sitting in a chair for 5 hours straight. Here was my thought process for going (This one’s for Bronco who wondered why I came in the first place):

  1. I could enjoy nature and be with my husband (and Norm and Bronco)
  2. We weren’t stream fishing so I could just relax and not get cut by shrubs
  3. I could take pictures so I won’t get bored
  4. I’ve never been to Strawberry Reservoir
  5. We could catch lots of fish
  6. We would only be there a few hours – I can last 3 hours

Well it was relaxing and beautiful and fun to take pictures of… for the first couple hours! The next three was a different story. I am probably exaggerating a little bit, but I realized any kind of fishing is not my cup of tea. I will stay home and do my own thing in the future!

Norm almost caught a fish, but other than that, no fish! What started as a fishing trip ended up as a crawdad-catching trip. I didn’t know those existed or you could even eat them! As you can see in the picture, Chance made a little home for one of them. How sweet of him right?

On a positive note, I got some great pics, some funny memories with the family, and learned some new things! In the end, glad I went, but won’t go again. I’ll let them have their boy time!


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