My new coffee table


Even with couches and a tv, our living room still felt a little empty. We needed a coffee table! I found this tutorial off of Anna White’s website that I love on how to build this table, and I am so lucky to have Norm (my father-in-law) in my family, who is a pro wood-worker! He was so nice to build this for Chance and I, and it turned out looking so beautiful!

Norm built this out of pine and I was in charge of the color. I had this tutorial on how to oxidize the wood, which makes a very pretty color. I also had a walnut stain, so I was deciding between the two. I decided to be brave and try the oxidizing process. (Wood block on the left)

  1. First step was to soak down the table with black tea using a rag, and let it dry
  2. Next I used a mixture of steel wool and white vinegar that had been sitting for a few days. This gave me a silvery color that was just gorgeous! (Picture on bottom left) 
  3. Last step was to use a clear wax to protect it.

I used a clear wax, but once I rubbed it on, it gave me a much more brown color overall. I was a little disappointed that It didn’t keep the silvery grey color that I was going for, but am I still very happy with how it turned out! Its beautiful and I’m so grateful for Norm! I can’t wait to get a rug to put under it to make the room look even better.

Here’s the tutorial for the table and the oxidizing process:
Build a rustic X coffee table
How to oxidize wood


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