Pretty Pouf

I haven’t sewn anything probably since junior high, but got the bug once I saw this very cute pouf tutorial online. I didn’t know if I could do it, and probably couldn’t if it weren’t for my sister Lindsay’s help, but I did it, and it turned out very cute! I love yellow, so I went with yellow for the main color, and my sister-in-law Amber helped steer me in the right direction with choosing the blue for the decorative stitching.

This is time consuming, but actually pretty simple to make. By the way, a pouf is like an ottoman. I’ve been asked that a lot, so I thought i’d make sure this was clear. Chance sure didn’t understand the need for this. Even if I dont use it to sit on, its good looking and adds a pop of color to our home! And I realized I can sew if I want. Way worth it.

Total cost: Around $60
Total time: Lots of hours…

Here’s the link: Make a Pretty Pouf Ottoman


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