Meet Chip & Gina

Chip and Gina are members of our house of Hunters. They’re our chocolate labs and have been together since they were pups.

Chip loves Gina and is always at her side. He’s not quite himself without her. He loves playing fetch and hiking, and is a very good, friendly dog. When Gina escapes, Chip never follows. He is very obedient and stays in our yard. I think its because he doesn’t want to leave us; he loves us so much. Chance is his favorite, though, he will just rest his head on Chance and lick him at the same time. Watch out, Chip will lick you as much as he can (slobber on you as much as he can, too). I recently learned he’s a great model. He would hold a pose for me for as long as I needed, and would keep eye contact for the camera. It was great!

Gina is a little more independent and loves to wander (Which can get her into trouble sometimes). She’s super sweet and has beautiful eyes that just glow. We recently learned that she’s mischievously smart and can always find a way to get out of our fenced backyard. She’s always close by, she just likes to wander! She loves being petted, loves being free and out of the kennel, loves to put her head out of the car window, and loves her dog treats. Oh, and she now loves her new dog bed. We sometimes have to teach Chip to be a gentleman and share the bed with her.

Chance has had them for a while, but they lived at his dad’s until we recently bought our own home with 1/2 acre lot for them to run around in. We’ve loved having these dogs at our home. We recently bought them a dog bed to lay on since they like hanging out on our back porch to be close to us. My husband is so great to feed them every day and take care of them. I think that was his favorite part about buying a home. The first thing he wanted to do when we moved in was pour them a cement pad. We haven’t done that yet, but hopefully can soon.

We love you Chip and Gina!

New dog bed


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