Adobe building tour

Its almost time to move! Only a month and a half till I will be cutting my commute down from 30 minutes to ten.

I got to go on a tour of the building yesterday. In the pics you can see the open office cubes I will sit in, the volleyball court, basketball court, and indoor basketball court. What you don’t see is the gym which will have TRX and Yoga classes, a climbing wall, and the standard gym equipment. The building will also have fruit trees, its own garden, and a wide selection of food at the new cafeteria. Its an open environment with natural light that will be great for taking pictures, which I have to do often. I will be so close to where my husband and dad work, and to the new shopping outlets! Anyways, I’m excited. Hopefully it wont be as cold as the building we are in now!

Oh and by the way, do you recognize that billboard? I designed it, and you can see it on the freeway right before and after the building and at the SLC airport.

See the Adobe In Utah FB page for updates


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