Hand Modeling

People ask me what I do at work. I say I’m a graphic designer, but thats not completely true. I’m also a hand model. Some days I hand model two or three times even.

At my job we are constantly using devices in our photography to show the content on screen (we are a tech company after all). This type of “Reportage Photography” we call it, requires the need of lots of backs, necks, and most importantly, hands. In order to keep my hands in tip-top modeling condition, I use these four steps:

  1. No washing of the hands (No matter what): Washing your hands can lead to dry, white hands. If using the bathroom, dispose of filth by wiping hands on clothing. Clothing can always be washed.
  2. Dont remove Nail polish: If you have nail polish on, leave on as long as possible. This will save you money. The polish that has come off can cause contrast with the polish that is still on.
  3. Wear gloves outdoors: This keeps hands out of sun’s harmful rays. If hot outside, wrap hands in plastic wrap. This will not be as hot as gloves, but will still prevent damage to the skin.
  4. Hand-pump exercises: Flex hand and pump continually 10-15 minutes at a time. Do these three or four times a day. This will get rid of any excess fat in the hand.

Top: Behind the Scenes | Bottom: Luke (Also a hand model) providing his expertise

PS. This is a joke. But I do hand model at work. So do all my other colleagues.


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