Our Monogram

I thought I’d share this Monogram I made for no reason one day while bored at work. I wanted to play with texture and see what I could do. There was no purpose for making this, but some days you just want to be creative. I feel that way pretty much every day. I’m either designing something, scheming on new ways to improve the look of my home, or finding new recipes to get creative in the kitchen.

Fonts used: Wisdom Script (free), Rockwell Regular

My colors
I’ve realized there is a theme in all of my personal designs, and that is color. I am constantly using the same colors! My most commonly used color is blue. You can see it in my header, you can see it in almost all of my personal designs (except surprisingly not this one). Even my bedroom is blue! My secondly most common color is grey. I almost never use black, I prefer grey. I then use red and yellow as contrasting colors. I love yellow; my new poof I made is yellow, my purse is yellow, the decorative pillow on my bed is yellow. I’m sure my taste will continually evolve and change, but as of right now, those are my colors and I love them!


2 thoughts on “Our Monogram

  1. Chelsey Ellison

    Jamie! I am so glad you have a blog! I was thinking today that I wish I was better at updating mine. So maybe you’ll inspire me to do better! I love your style! It’s so great! I wish I was able to tap into that style. But no… I love my dark dramatic black. I could design everything in black on black if my clients let me. 😉 But we do share a love for yellow!

    1. jamiehunter Post author

      Oh thanks! Yeah what is your blog address again? I hope I keep the desire to keep mine up! Well I love what you do, even with the black! I can’t tap into that cool/modern/sleek style like you do. Mine’s a little more cute? I don’t know. But thats what’s great about everyone being different right? Haha. Yes, I do love yellow!


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