Hunting Widow

My thoughts every time my husband leaves to go hunting

Its hunting season! I made this with my husband in mind. I love to see how abstract you can make something. Some people prefer realism, but I think this can be more beautiful. I guess thats the designer in me!

What I’ve learned as a hunting widow
I’m just joking in my image caption by the way. I have learned to be more supportive each year hunting season comes around, and I think I’ve come a long way!

When Chance and I were first married I used to worry about what I was going to do to not be lonely every time he left. I learned that was selfish of me, since I was just thinking about myself. I wasn’t thinking how much fun he would have either. Now every time he leaves I think, what do I get to do? There are so many things he doesn’t like to do that I do, like hanging out with sisters/friends/mom, watching Grey’s Anatomy all night long, shopping, and maybe actually get some cleaning done.

I’ve come to find that when I support and encourage him in his hobbies, he responds the same way to me. He asks me how the gym was, he leaves cute notes around the house, and tries to call me more while he’s gone. It makes our relationship stronger. My mother-in-law says that if you treat them like a king, they will treat you like a queen, and its so true. I still do the occasional sighs when he tells me he’ll be gone hunting, but I keep trying to do better, and thats all I can do!


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