Grandpa turned 82

We had my family and my mom’s family over for dinner last night for my grandpa’s 82nd birthday party! Our house is a good location to meet, being in the middle of my parents and Wesley/Jen. Danny attended via Facetime.

It was such a nice day that we were all able to sit and eat outside, which was perfect since the we wouldn’t have been able to fit everyone that good inside.

Highlights of the evening:
1. Chance coming home just in time for the party
2. Everyone coming to see our home for the first time
3. Vanessa’s outfit – wearing everyone else’s clothes/shoes but her own.

Chance home from hunting


3 thoughts on “Grandpa turned 82

  1. wenjohnson

    That was such a fun day!! I still can’t believe you own a house. So nice. Thanks for letting us all come over. You are a great host.

  2. jamiehunter Post author

    Haha well thanks! I also enjoyed seeing your new minivan! I will not sleep in it when I visit though.. that is reserved for your bikes and future triplets.


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