Hunter/Bird Thanksgiving

We got two Thanksgivings this year! The first was the Saturday before at the Birds new home (Chance’s parents). Now that we have two nieces in the family, it makes things double the fun. The only problem with that is after seeing them I get very baby hungry! The other additions to the dinner this year were Don and Savannah. Both now permanent additions to the family. (hopefully(Amber)) Haha.

This year I made my Jumbleberry Pie and Green Bean Casserole. (Just one of the many, many casserole dishes). Here’s the pics to document the event:

Amber set the table so nice

Opening prayer

Not so happy HaLee

Very happy Evie

I told HaLee to smile for the camera, so she gave me this face

Jody, Evie, and I. Dont mind my double knees

“Whoa” said HaLee after every page turn. They must have gone through that book 20 times.

What’s missing with this picture?

The master of the house

That is why they say Happy Holidays


3 thoughts on “Hunter/Bird Thanksgiving

  1. Mimi

    So fun! I LOVE that Chance is missing a baby! Your pie was SUPER delicious and, as usual, I loved being with the family! HAPPY Holidays is right! xoxo

    1. jamiehunter Post author

      Yeah! I stole two of those pics off your blog… hope thats ok 🙂 I didn’t have any of me, and the one of haLee praying was just too cute! I wanted it to look at!


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