Merry Christmas!

Chance and I had a very busy Christmas! We had a christmas party the Saturday before Christmas with my grandpa and mom’s siblings where we had a tennis tournament and then games, dinner, and white elephant at my grandpa’s church, Christmas Eve was at Chance’s moms where we did chimes, sang carols, read stories, opened presents, and ate lots of good food, Christmas morning at my parents where we also played games, ate waffles, and opened presents, and Christmas night was at Chance’s dads where we again ate, and just hung out and opened presents. Busy busy! Here are the pics to document:


Roxy created her own Christmas for herself! She found some neighbor’s presents and opened them up! Naughty, funny Roxy!


My grandpa’s gift to us: Toothpaste squeezers!


No baby yet, but people are giving us hints!


This had to be my favorite part of Christmas! Pure happiness right there. HaLee meeting her idol: Elmo! She couldn’t stop dancing to the music and looked over probably thinking, is this real?


Get off your phone Chance!


HaLee and Grandma Grover were wearing the same PJs!


Amber worked her magic as always


Look at those amazing eyes!


Merry Christmas Chance, I love you!


Lindsay scoping things out in her new robe

IMG_7376 IMG_7403 IMG_7432 IMG_7438 IMG_7454


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