Goals for 2013

Ok so hear are my new year’s resolutions! I can’t remember what they were last year, so thank goodness for my blog now!

Hunter family goal: Be kinder to people.

Personal goals:

  1. Actually do my visiting teaching each month
  2. Volunteer to do more service. I have the time.
  3. Read the scriptures EVERY night
  4. Focus more on what I have to be grateful for, and less on what I want.
  5. Be the best wife I can be. As well as employee, sister, daughter, neighbor, and friend.
  6. Run a couple more half marathons
  7. Become converted to an Adobe employee

Achievements of 2012:

  1. Saved money and bought a home
  2. Graduated with my BFA in Graphic Design from UVU
  3. Finished my internship with Adobe and started as a contractor
  4. Kept my workout goals got stronger
  5. Ran a half marathon

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