Car crash

Well, I have just mourned the passing of my first car, a 2000 Ford Escort I’ve had since I was 16. Chance’s car needed fixing so we were carpooling in my car, so Chance came to pick me up from work a couple Friday’s ago, and he was turning left on to Adobe Way and hit another car. Luckily he and the other driver were ok, him just having some cuts on his forehead and a sore back and neck.

That left us with one car that wasn’t working. Luckily we were already planning on going car shopping the next day, so we got his mom and Norm to drive us around and find a new car. So goodbye to the old, and hello to my new 2010 Honda Accord! We got Chance’s car all fixed up, so now we both have our own cars to drive, thank goodness!

I’m so glad Chance is healthy after that and so glad I never fixed my windshield and AC in my old car! Next on the list is a truck for Chance.


The totaled car and scene of the accident.


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