One Year Older

Came home to this from my sweet husband.

Well, I turned 24!

I started my birthday off by hitting the gym and going shopping with my mom the Saturday before my birthday. Golds has bring a friend for free every Saturday in February and I took advantage and had my mom come to power pump with me! I loved it. Then we went to the University Mall and shopped till we dropped. We met up with my husband Chance and my side of the family that night at my birthday tradition spot: Happy Sumo. I’ve been the last three birthdays now. That place has amazing food. We had sushi and various rice bowls, and ate a little more than we should, but it was so good! I came home with a birthday gift surprise on my bed from my husband. I wasn’t expecting anything since we just bought me a car and new couches. This was very thoughtful. I was able to do all my favorite things that day: Working out, shopping, being with family, and eating delicious food. I loved it.

The next day on my actual birthday I was able to spend time with Chance’s side of the family. Unfortunately many family members were sick so they couldn’t come, but I was able to have a nice visit with George and Merrilee, and Becca and Bruce’s family. Then off to dinner at Amber’s house with her and Don and James, Don’s son. Amber went all out with cute valentine’s decorations and an amazing meal including shrimp enchiladas and brazilian lemonade. Then for dessert she made me a Coconut tres leches birthday cake. She sent me home with a whole pan full of cake and I was able to eat it days later. Loved every bite. Such a nice day.

On top of that I got lots of birthday songs sung to me over the phone to make me feel special, and was able to talk to all the family. I wish my birthday was every day!


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