Puppy #1

Puppy #1

The puppies came! Gina had one puppy Thursday evening and stopped, and so we thought she was done until Friday evening she popped out another one, about 23 hours later!

The first puppy is very healthy and doing well, but the second wouldn’t eat anything and got very weak. Sunday Chance got dog formula and tried to bottle feed her, but she wouldn’t take. We tried again later that night and forced it in her and she ate and that gave us hope. Chance stayed up with her the next couple nights, and Merrilee watched her in the day. At one point she was doing great, but then Tuesday she took a turn for the worse and it went downhill from there. It was so sad watching her get weak and strain for air. Merrilee named her Ruthie, and if she was going to survive, she was going to keep her. Tuesday night Ruthie passed away in Merrilee’s arms. Chance buried her in a box with a teddy bear in our backyard. It was very sad, but Ruthie is in a better place. Chance says he wouldn’t trade the experience with her for anything, and loved the time he got with her.






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