Childhood Memories

I’m moving this over from an old blog but I want to keep it saved. Here’s a list I put together of some fun childhood memories I’ve had:

  • My bunny died in England
  • Paula gave me a little sketchpad/notepad
  • Remember going to a castle while living in England.
  • Wesley’s candy machine. Put it in our house and would charge us and our friends – such an entrepreneur at such a young age
  • Wesley’s fairs – bowling using our drinking cups as pins, giving out his gymnastics ribbons for prizes. They were the best!
  • Vanessa’s Bowl Cut
  • Wesley’s gymnastics events – I helped as a score holder and a guy gave me a piece of gum. It tasted like black licorice and was disgusting.
  • Playing toys – Wesley’s version: normal people – had to pay for everything you did. You had to go on a vacation every so often. I didn’t want to use money, cant we just play toys without needing to have them pay for stuff?
  • Danny’s version: war. I would rather play Wesley’s way.
  • I wanted a Big sweatshirt – I wore it once since it actually was very big and I gave it to mom. What was mom thinking buying me something that fit her?
  • Collecting Snapple tops – They clicked when you pressed down on them. Sometimes i would pretend they were steering wheels for my barbie cars
  • Collecting hotel key cards.
  • I hated helping Wesley and Danny with their paper routes.
  • Sleeping outside on the tramp or back porch with the Willeys – I had a secret crush on Dustin Willey
  • Dustin loved Kylie James and Darla on The Little Rascals. 
  • Aliesha told Vanessa she could only play with kids her age (me) – She didn’t want to play with Vanessa. Ouch.
  • Me and Dustin were very good friends until one special day – We were watching his dog and my dog White Sox mate and he asked me out. I felt bad saying no so I said yes. We didnt talk the rest of that summer. I became great friends with Aliesha that summer. This was in 3rd grade I think.
  • “Major Labels Lie”
  • Wesley was obsessed with the Hanson brothers Mmmm Bop
  • Danny was obsessed with Mullets.
  • Watching TRL on MTV
  • Vanessa’s bowl cut
  • Wesley’s butt crack hair cut (At least Grandpa liked it)
  • My platform shoes Kylie gave me from England (hand-me-downs). They were very high – and very ugly. I loved them.
  • Wesley said I needed high heel shoes. We took the bus to the orem mall and I got my first pair. (Wow Wesley, fashionable and entrepreneur-like). I was worried Nikki Payne wouldn’t approve because she thought they were bad for some reason.
  • Nikki saying not to say “Geez Louise” because it was taking her mom’s name in vain. (Her name is Louise)
  • My favorite thing to do was to tease Danny’s friends
  • Body machine boy and Wesley were best buds
  • Kayla Boyd
  • Playing “I’m thinking of a person” and always choosing Kayla Boyd.
  • Going to the Zoo with Vanessa and her friend Kayla’s family. Not sure why I was hanging out with my little sister’s friend.
  • I would make houses for my stuffed animals using shoe boxes
  • Grandma Dyer would take us to the dollar store to buy toys whenever we visited
  • Me, Sage, and a boy were jumping on the tramp. The boy took off his shirt, so Sage and I took off ours. Mom told me to put my shirt back on and i felt bad, i didnt realize it was so bad.
  • Sage and I thought it was fun to go to the bathroom outside in her backyard one day. Not just number 1. We would blame it on the dogs if anyone asked.
  • Alanis Morissette
  • Jewel
  • Wesley saving up his money to go to modeling school.
  • Wesley buying a skin-tight shirt from Quicksilver outlet to show off his muscles. He was too embarrassed to wear it and gave it to Dustin Willey.
  • Mom and Wesley were extras in a Touched By An Angel episode.
  • Wesley working at McDonalds. It lasted about a month.
  • Danny asking Wesley for his McDonald’s shirt. He loved to wear that thing.
  • Wearing Danny’s old Knicks shirt like everyday to school in preschool.
  • 1st grade- wanted to wear Danny’s shoes to school. I did, too. They were huge on me, but I didn’t care. I wore them the next day as well.
  • Kylie was mean to me a lot.
  • Kylie choosing Tiffany instead of me to be at the front of the line with her in class. (4th grade).
  • Angela could mean sometimes too.
  • Angela and I playing Monopoly every time I went to her house.
  • Angela and I playing her Mario cart game. Every time I was winning she would restart the game.
  • I would only play with Nikki when Kylie and Angela were mean to me. Nikki loved when they were mean to me.
  • “Stinky old Laken”.
  • Louise Payne’s Halloween/Thanksgiving music tape. Still listen to the favorite Cornucopia song every Thanskgiving.
  • Wesley and mom argued alot. I would be scared when Dad had to come in and get after Wesley.
  • Dad didn’t get mad very often – but when he did, it was not fun.
  • I got spanked once in the provo house because I wouldn’t go to bed.
  • Vanessa’s Bowl Cut
  • Wesley would touch me every time he walked by me and I hated it. (On purpose to tease me). Mom said his future wife would like it.
  • Vanessa’s TLC shirt had a booger on it. I never touched that shirt or touched her when she would wear it. Yuck.
  • Me and Danny shared a room in the Springville condo we rented while our house was being built. I would flick my boogers during the night, since I didnt want to get up to throw them away. Probably millions of boogers on the floor by my bed.
  • At seven peaks with Angela and Nikki. We were in a tube in the wave pool. Angela kept wanting to go deeper and deeper- I was scared and getting mad. I slapped her hard, and jumped out of the tube and swam to the side, got out, and avoided her the rest of the day.
  • Lindsay on tv during the Utah Olympics in Park City wearing a hat with one of the olympic animals on it. She was so cute!
  • Dad’s dancing is the funniest.
  • Moms dancing is the scariest.
  • Nate Barker came over for night games and held me over our retaining wall in the front yard – It was scary and I hated him after. Still not a fan.
  • In Provo house cutting the shower curtain. I got into trouble
  • On vacation Wesley putting a fruit snack in Danny’s hair and it melted- It wouldn’t come out, so we had to cut it out. Or was it Danny’s in Wesley’s hair? It may have been.
  • Wesley and Danny went on a trip to California to visit Uncle John. They saw Pocahontas. I wanted to see Pocahontas.
  • Grandpa Dyer taking Wesley, Danny, and I to Speakers Conference in San Antonio, Texas. One night there was a dance and I wore a spaghetti strap shirt to it. I didn’t want my parents to see the pictures of me from that night wearing the shirt. I was immodest.  I lost my favorite white shirt that trip. We went to Six Flags while we were there with Emily Krommenhoek and kids. I wouldn’t go on any of the rides.
  • Spending all my money on stuffed animals
  • The secret cement slide in the field in front of our house (For water to drain down the hill). Pretty magical place at the time.
  • Wesley would take a bullet for White Sox our dog. We ended up putting White Sox to sleep.
  • Wesley never gets full.
  • Danny making fun of wesley for both of those things.
  • Penny the cat. She gave birth in our basement.
  • Lindsay’s spandex pants over her diaper – so funny and cute!
  • Vanessa’s princess party
  • 7th grade me and Brittanie got in a big fight over being sick of eachother- Lasted for like three weeks. Britny Davis sided with Britt, and Amanda sided with me. During that time Amanda didn’t come to school one day and I didn’t have anyone to sit by at lunch. I hid in the bathroom that whole lunch.
  • Angela and I loved Kevin Child in 2nd grade. She lived close to his house so we’d ride bikes from her house to his to see if he was outside.
  • I loved Cash Johnson in 5th grade. He was rude to me.
  • I loved Cori Jex in 5th grade for like a week. He’s not alive now. Think he overdosed on drugs or something. Sad.
  • At Angela’s birthday party Danny Young asked me to “Go out” with him. I liked him and said yes. (Summer between 5th and 6th grade). He called me later that week to see if I’d go to Classic Skating with him and his friend. I said no because I didn’t date till I was 16. I never talked to him again till like 8th grade.
  • I loved Steve Nelson for like 5 years of my life.
  • Mom and dad taking me to several orchestra concerts since I played the violin. I hated those.

I’m sure there are more, but those are the ones that came to my mind the fastest. Good times. Good childhood. Great parents and siblings.



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