St. George Trip

Chance and I went to St. George for his URPA Conference, as well as Bronco, Jody, and HaLee and Mark and Allison, since they are also in Parks and Rec.! It was so nice and warm there, I can’t wait for it to get a bit warmer over here. We started the trip checking into our hotel- The Abbey Inn (I was happy with the hotel experience there) then we went to a kickoff dinner at the city park. The highlight of that day was watching HaLee go on her first Merry-Go-Round ride. (I got to ride with her). She loved it and wouldn’t stop pointing at it the rest of the night.

The next day the boys went off to their classes and the girls went for a nice walk/run along the river trail by our hotel. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. It was my first outdoor run of the year, getting a solid 8 miles in. Such a beautiful trail. Then went to lunch till and hung out till dinner and went to eat at their barbecue. That night Chance and Mark and Allison decided to go to Mesquite and hit up the card game tables. Chance loved it. I loved my sleep.

Tuesday the girls went shopping and swimming. I got my first sun line of the year. Loved it. That night was the banquet where Bronco got a scholarship for school – go Bronco!  The boys and Allison again (this time Bronco included) decided to go to Mesquite that night. They are crazy because the left at 10:30pm and got back at like 3:30am. Again, I was enjoying my sleep.

Jody, HaLee, and I drove home and left the boys to drive home later after their golf tournament. They were pretty tired. Chance said he wished they’d have skipped the golfing and went to Mesquite again. Oh boy! Anyways, it was a fun trip. Fun to bond with Jody and HaLee.


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