Goodbye Jezzie and Happy Easter!

We said goodbye to our puppy Jezzie this Easter. We gave her to our little niece HaLee to make an excellent Easter present! Chance had a hard time saying goodbye to the pup, though he knows we’ll get to visit her whenever we want. Gina is having a hard time adjusting as well. She has been looking for Jezzie, and sitting by the back door to the garage, since thats where Jezzie stayed.

We took some pictures of the family before they got split up, and some pictures of Jezzie and HaLee when we gave her away. Chance was so cute bringing her out to meet HaLee, and HaLee gave a perfect reaction. She kept waving and petting the pup, which greatly affected her performance in the Easter egg hunt.

We had an awesome Easter with both sides of Chance’s family and enjoyed two Easter egg hunts and two delicious meals with them both Saturday and Sunday.


HaLee’s face when seeing her new puppy

IMG_77862 IMG_7781 IMG_7836 IMG_7862-2 IMG_7850 copy IMG_7852-1 IMG_7838  IMG_7847 IMG_7853 IMG_7879 IMG_7878 IMG_7872


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