Updating Our Basement

Chance and I have been refinishing our basement! It was gross before, with nasty old dark brown carpet and cobwebs all over the windows, and just yucky. SO, we tore out the carpet, mopped with Clorox bleach to get it fresh and clean again, got the walls re-textured, put in new baseboards, and we painted! We are getting the new carpet on Monday and I’ll post pics once we have that in. Its exciting to have it done, because we have lots more space we can use! Chance can’t wait to start hanging up the animal heads down there.

Chance has been amazing through all of this, and has dealt with my to-do lists and was the one who sprayed the paint on the walls. And I know how much he hates painting. Almost as much as me! And we couldn’t have done this without the help of Norm, Sheila, and Amber, and really appreciate them!


Couldn’t stop laughing at this. Chance after painting with a sprayer.


He even went indian-style and did it barefoot.


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