Trip to Cancun, Mexico (Tulum)


Our trip has come and gone and we had lots of fun! We got burnt and tan, and ate lots of food and drank lots of sugary (non-alchoholic) drinks, and saw lots and lots of iguanas.


May 5th we met up with Chance’s friend Brett and his wife Breanne to head to Mexico and Dreams, Tulum resort. The plane trip there was quick and we got to our hotel Sunday afternoon ready to party for Cinco De Mayo. We went on a nice long walk along the ocean before dinner because it was a little too cold to swim that day and they didn’t have a hot tub!? We walked to this abandoned resort, which was a little creepy, and saw sting rays swimming in the ocean. Our resort had a big fiesta that night with a Mexican buffet with traditional Mexican music and dancing. Chance LOVED the churros. We also drank lots of pina coladas.


The next day (Monday) I made Chance go to the gym with me to start the morning off right, then to breakfast where we got smoothies and omelets and waffles, yum! Then we headed to the beach, only a second away. We played Bocce ball, beach volleyball, swam in the pool and ocean, and just hung out. It was nice always having food and drinks whenever we wanted!


Tuesday (after the gym and breakfast of course), we got a taxi ride to the ruins of Tulum and spend a couple hours touring that and swimming the the beautiful ocean water. The beach there was gorgeous and the water was perfect temperature. We then headed to the town of Tulum to shop, although we didn’t buy much other than ice cream which was delicious. We were tired after and got very burnt, so we headed back and showered and got some grub! There were so many places to choose from to eat. They had an Italian restaurant, French, Japanese, Mexican, Sushi, and the buffet which was only good for breakfast. They also had a lunch burger and pizza joint and a oceanfront restaurant with meat and fish and salads. Later that afternoon I did my first Zumba class by the pool, which was fun.


Wednesday morning we got up early at 7am to play tennis with the four of us. We then went to  the beach in the morning, (they played volleyball while I tried to sleep) but by noon we were all just very tired and very burnt from the day before so we went to took a FOUR hour nap in our cool hotel rooms. That was the best nap I’ve had in a long long time. That night we got Breanne hooked on sushi. (She couldn’t get enough, so we went back the night after!) It was good but not up to par with Happy Sumo. After dinner we’d usually check out the entertainment for a little bit then head for bed, but since we were all pretty rested we went to the Karaoke party, which was entertaining—Lots of drunk people trying to sing. The entertainment team at the resort always made it even more fun; making fun of the people to their faces. Loved them.


Thursday Chance and I played tennis in the morning, and then with all our energy from the nap the day before, we did the activities I had been wanting to do since we got there—Kayaking and snorkeling and going on the water trampoline. (We first had to get in a stretching yoga class and Bocce on the beach though). Kayaking was fun; we went clear out there and we could still touch the ocean floor, it was crazy. I bugged Chance enough that he finally agreed to go snorkeling, as with the rest of the gang, and they loved it! We only saw little fish, but it was cool to see what was under the water. It made me sea sick after a while, but Chance kept going at it. We got more volleyball in, and hit up a guacamole-making class, where my knee got toasted from the sun. One of the resort entertainment crew dressed up like a girl in a pink wig for the class and had me laughing the whole time. By that night I was sick of all the food, and was ready to get home, so we ate a little and packed and went to bed early.


Friday was a LONG day of traveling. We got to the airport 2 1/2 hours early, and then had a layover in North Carolina which was 4 hours long, and then our plane from there to Salt Lake was very bumpy and made me feel sick—but we got home safely by midnight! I was so happy to be in my own bed and my own country!


Mexico was awesome but I have to say that nothing beats the Johnson family trips to San Diego, California—only a 12 hour drive away. I think I’ll stick to those. I was missing our hot spots there while we were gone! Next year maybe… Mom and Dad, you ok with that?


I learned a few things from that trip: 


  1. You don’t have to travel far to have the time of your life (St. George, Vegas, Park City, Cali…)
  2. Trips with family are the best
  3. I am not very good at relaxing, nor do I enjoy it as much as going to see new places and doing new things. What’s the point of going somewhere new if you don’t explore it more? Chance likes to relax more… we’ll have to figure something out.
  4. I like trips best when I have a car, or where everything is right by you and you can walk to it all.
  5. Its hard not to drink alcohol when in Mexico. When we arrived at our hotel we got what they called “sparkling water” served to us. It was not sparkling water—it had alcohol in it. You tell them no, and they still bring it sometimes. Make sure you smell it first!


My advice:


Bring a coat! You will not regret it! I wore it almost every night. (And yes, I did get weird looks)



4 thoughts on “Trip to Cancun, Mexico (Tulum)

  1. Susan

    So many talents for 1 girl!!!!! You have a talent for expressing yourself in writing. Of course you do, you have written funny and sweet poems since you were little.

  2. Mimi

    I loved reading the play-by-play. The pics are great. Good job on getting Chance out snorkeling and such! SO glad you’re in the family!


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