Annual Art City Days 5k & Moving

The Art City Days 5k came again this year! This is one of my favorite parts of summer, since most of the family gets together to run. I missed Danny and Brooke this year, since they are in DC. Wesley did the Salem triathlon and couldn’t make it, and Jen was training for her upcoming Ironman. Chance was not there for the race either, but was helping Bronco with his fishing tournament that he has every year. What a good brother!

My IT band has been injured, so I figured I would walk most of it, and just enjoy participating this year instead of competing. Well, the race gun went off and off I went running the whole thing! I kind of knew that once I started there was no walking. I got 1st place in my age group (20-24), with a PR time of 19:49 minutes. And, Vanessa got 2nd in our age group. I felt so good during the run that I wasn’t too surprised by my time, but I was surprised that I was able to feel that good when I haven’t been running. I jacked up my knee in the process and have been limping ever since, but I think it was worth it… I know its just a 5k, but I love running and haven’t been able to do it in like 2 months! It may be another 2 months till I can do it again, but hopefully that is not the case. I did realize that the half marathon I’m signed up for in two weeks is not going to happen though. Oh well, at least I’m able to attend my gym classes!

After the race, Chance and I helped my parents move out of my childhood home. I am not sad about it, I am actually excited for them. And excited to be getting their old leather sectional couch to put in our basement, their fire pit to put in our backyard, and their BBQ! They are setting us up for some fun summer parties.


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