Adobe Team Day

Some days I am astonished how lucky I am to work at such an awesome place. This day was one of them.

It was Adobe Kid Day at work that morning, so the day started off with over 600 kids running around the building. That afternoon our team made our way to Midway to ride Razors! We picked them up at the Zermatt resort and rode for two hours on dirt roads and got quite dirty! The best part was splashing through this big puddle and getting all wet and muddy. And then going back and doing it again and again.

After that we got cleaned up a bit and went to eat at Chimayo restaurant on Main in Park City. It was some of the best food that has entered my mouth. Their Halibut was amazing, and the  desserts were possibly even better. I will have to go back. I love going out with work because we get appetizers, salads, the main meal, and then desserts! And we all share, so you can try most things on the menu! The only problem is you leave very full…

After dinner we headed back to Midway and hit up some hot springs on some guy’s private property. It was scorching hot, but I did get all the way in. I didn’t think I would be able to, it was that hot. I still have about 10 mosquito bites on my leg, and who knows how many on the rest of my body, but they were everywhere.

Anyways, it was such a fun day/night! I love all the people I work with and have such good bosses that take care of us and really care. I’m so grateful for such a good job, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find a better gig than this.

Pictures of the day


The Razor


Hot Springs


So nicely landscaped

470589_10151708891252878_935591601_o 581406_10151708864587878_1569254189_n 971707_10151708864607878_1639700734_n 1000745_10152989325215136_114587997_n 1025470_10151708891242878_812650942_o 1071106_10151708891612878_263199628_o 1073916_10151708891597878_1813023768_o Unknown


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