Birthday Biking and Pioneer Day

I am so glad I got to celebrate my Dad’s birthday with him this year on a beautiful birthday bike ride! This was my second time biking on the new Murdock Canal Trail and I love it so much. We left from my house and rode to Pleasant Grove and back—about 16 miles. Lindsay looked like a pro road biker with her bike shorts and my Dad’s old bike. I looked like a pro roller-blader with my sweet helmet. Dad was rocking his Livestrong gear I got him for a different birthday, and showing us all up on this nice bike. Mom was just happy to be there, sporting my logo on her shirt. Amber was so nice to let us use her adorable bike. I want to do the whole trail soon, to Provo and back! Who wants to join me?

After the bike ride, it was off to the Hunter’s for a Pioneer day BBQ. Our entertainment these days are the nieces. They are so fun to watch and play with. HaLee got to ride on Grandpa George’s four-wheeler and loved it. I loved her calling him Georgio. Its always a good time with the family.


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