Day 1 in DC

Danny and Brooke welcomed us into their awesome little apartment in the heart of DC. It has a balcony that overlooks the streets and an awesome rooftop overlooking the city, equipped with a swimming pool and tables where we ate some meals and did some Tabata.

We started the morning going to Danny and Brooke’s ward, about 45 minutes from where they live. Danny rented a zip car for us, which I thought was cool; you look online to find one close and just leave it at your destination. Their ward was different from any LDS ward I’ve been to. There were so many diverse people in one ward, for a second I thought I was in a different church as one lady gave her prayer. It made church fun, and it was great to hear recent converts speak. Vanessa and I were so tired from our New York trip the day before that we couldn’t stay awake, so we left after sacrament meeting. Of course we had to wait for Danny to give out stickers to the kids in the ward. (Hm.. that remind me of someone.. (Dad)). We took the bus back to their place and took a 4 1/2 hour nap! (After eating Brooke’s delicious banana pancake’s, of course). Danny got us up to bike around the monuments from his house, as Brooke was getting ready for her job interviews the next day and cooking us some dinner. We saw most of the monuments but it got dark and dinner was ready, so we went back to eat Brooke’s amazing cooking. (I must mention, one of the best part of the trip was Brooke’s cooking). We ate dinner on the rooftop and went to bed. (Vanessa and I got to cuddle on their pull out sofa bed).

01 02 03 IMG_8914 IMG_8922 IMG_8937 copy copy IMG_8943 IMG_8959 IMG_8963


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