Day 2 in DC

Monday morning we headed to the capital for a tour, then checked out the Library of Congress across the street. Danny met up with us for lunch, and then we headed to Georgetown! Georgetown was probably my favorite place in DC. It has a bunch of cute shops, CB2, West Elm, and then a bunch of Row homes that I loved taking pictures of. We stopped by the famous Georgetown Cupcakes, and then went kayaking on the Potomac River. Vanessa and I shared a Kayak while Danny had his own. Vanessa had said “I don’t mind doing service for you”, so she didn’t mind when I splashed my feet in the water and relaxed while she paddled! It was nice.

After Kayaking we walked over to Georgetown campus and checked it out. (We learned that
Danny’s law school was separate from the main campus.) After that, we had some delicious Salmon Panini’s for dinner that Danny and Brooke made for us. I thought salmon in a panini was weird, and then I ate it and it was so not weird, it was great!

The day was not over! We then walked back to capital hill and got some milkshakes at Good Stuff. By the time we got back, I figured I had walked off my milkshake already. I was exhausted and fell asleep so fast. This was probably my favorite day in DC. Danny is a great tour guide and kept us very busy.

IMG_8967 IMG_8975 IMG_8980 IMG_8997 IMG_9007 IMG_9020 IMG_9050 IMG_9051 IMG_9052_edit IMG_9053 IMG_9061 IMG_9065 IMG_9070 IMG_9072 IMG_9081 IMG_9083-Edit IMG_9085 IMG_9091_crop2 IMG_9093 IMG_9099


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