Day 3 in DC

As if we hadn’t walked enough, we decided to exercise in the morning. Danny had us ride bikes across the city to the National’s baseball stadium for a Tabata workout (high intensity interval training). If you know me, you know that I love this stuff. Danny had to snap a picture to show coach Wesley that we were not slacking here in DC. It sprinkled rain a little on us, which was perfect.

We got back and showered and Danny sent us on our way to the National Museum of American History, which he said is his favorite museum. By the time we walked there and got inside, I was ready for a nap. I made Vanessa go through half of the museum on her own while I plunkered down on a bench to rest. I didn’t know how I would make it through the museum, let alone the rest of the day! The museum had an exhibit on Golden Books, where we found a book about my mom! (See picture below). The funnest exhibit for Nessy was the food exhibit. My favorite exhibit was the bench where I rested my bum.

Danny met us outside the museum and we stopped by the Old Post Office on the way back. (Lindsay said we had to go there, since it was her favorite place in DC that she went. I wanted Norm to come with us – being an old postmaster and all.) We took the elevator to the bell tower where we got views of the city. Its the Third tallest building in DC. We got back and I fell napped for like 45 minutes. (Not enough). Vanessa got me up to go clothes shopping. I am proud to say I did not buy anything. We then jumped on the Metro to meet Danny at Dupont Circle, where we had dinner. It started pouring rain, so we hid out in this cute bookshop (where Brooke met up with us), and when it stopped, made our way over to the Embassy’s and then to a cute little creamery where I got the same ice cream cone Obama likes to get – coconut. So good! Again, by the time we got home, I thought I had walked off my ice cream. And I probably did.


1 IMG_9102 IMG_9107 IMG_9111 IMG_9116 IMG_9121

IMG_9123 IMG_9125


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