Day 5 in DC (and Baltimore)

Knowing that we would be on the plane half the day, we started the morning with another Tabata session, this time on the roof and Danny and Brooke’s apartment. We all took turns choosing different exercises, which was fun. As we were working out, Vanessa noticed a bunch of cocoons on the side of the trash can, with butterflies coming out of them! It was quite fascinating, I wish I would have gotten a picture.

We showered and packed and headed to Baltimore! Before the airport, we went to the harbor there to check it out and eat lunch. We found Little Italy, where we got such good sandwiches and pizza! They then dropped us off at the airport and Vanessa and I flew home! I got some good napping on the plane and some good Solitaire.

This trip was so much fun and I’m so grateful to my parents for allowing us to go, and so glad I could take that time off of work. I did miss Chance, but its so fun to see him again after being a part. We learned a few things while on this trip. I learned that Danny LOVES marshmallows. He had a bag of marshmallows and would just eat them plain. He had us all get marshmallow milkshakes. Vanessa learned that I love taking pictures! (She will thank me after seeing these posts). Brooke probably learned that we girls eat a lot. (Can we help it when her cooking is so good?) I am already missing Danny and Brooke and their city, but we will see them soon, and I can’t wait! Such a fun trip! I’m so glad I got to spend this time with Vanessa before she leaves to Boston on her mission.

IMG_9235 IMG_9238


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