Day Trip to NYC

So Vanessa and I made a stop at New York before heading to DC to visit Danny and Brooke! We got a head start on public transportation, taking the Frontrunner and then Trax to the airport. (It was super easy and nice, I will do this again!) We hopped on the RedEye and slept on and off, and then made it to NYC by 6 in the morning! We were able to find our way to the subway and hopped off at Penn Station where we found this awesome luggage storage place to drop off our luggage, grabbed a bite to eat, and headed to the 9/11 Memorial! After that we found our way to Wall Street and then hopped on the Staten Island Ferry, where we got great views of the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty. (And we could sit down and rest)

From there we made our way to Soho to browse the shops and take a peek at Dash (Don’t make fun – guilty pleasure). We grabbed a smoothie from a food truck and took the Subway to Time Square! It was a little overwhelming, and we made our way to Rockefeller center, and then to our final destination of Central Park! By the time we got there we were exhausted and could barely walk. We thought we could grab food there, but there was no food around! So we ate at a food truck (yucky), and toured the park before heading to our bus to take us to DC!

New York was so much fun. Every turn of the corner offered fun things, and we felt like explorers. I was proud that we found everything by ourselves, (Ok, we (I) asked A LOT of people for directions) but we did it! The bus to DC was 45 minutes late and freezing but Danny welcomed us in DC around midnight! We did a lot in 12 hours and were tired but happy. I had lots of fun taking pictures, and Vanessa had fun picking up trash off the streets and stepping on crunchy leaves…


Such a great building. Vanessa liked me taking pics of all the fire escapes.

0-1 0-2 1-1 1-2 1-3 1-4 1-5 IMG_8718 IMG_8721 IMG_8726 IMG_8728 IMG_8749-Edit IMG_8761-Edit-Edit IMG_8771 IMG_8789 IMG_8793 IMG_8796 IMG_8797 IMG_8817 IMG_8824 IMG_8832 IMG_8849 IMG_8862 IMG_8864 IMG_8880 IMG_8883 IMG_8893 IMG_8901 IMG_8903


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