Archery Elk

The last day and last hour of the hunt (Friday the 13th), Chance shoots a 6-point bull with his bow! It was a day of rejoicing for two reasons: 1. Obviously because he had shot one—because it made him so happy, and I get lots of meat to cook with, and 2. Its over!! I have missed him so much and am so happy that he will be home with me more.

Another cool thing is that we were given a free freezer from our neighbors just TWO DAYS before he brought his elk home. I have no idea where we would have put that meat otherwise. We are truly blessed.

IMG_7124 IMG_7137 IMG_7146 IMG_7178 IMG_7207 IMG_7215 IMG_7243 IMG_9370 IMG_9374 IMG_9375


The boys, before spending a full and tiring day transporting the elk home. And I got to spend the day with Jody and HaLee!

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