Annual Hunter Halloween Party

Its that time of year again! We had the Halloween party a little early this year, but we weren’t complaining, I was ready for some of Grandma Grover’s Chili and some sugar cookies! This year was Sheila and Norm’s turn to host and they did a great job.

Chance and I dressed up as the game of “Tess”. Chance and Bronco tied for first place in the costume contest and each got $10 for ice cream at ColdStone. I am proud to say that Chance’s costume was my idea. (So technically, I won the costume contest!) Haha. We wanted Amber and Don to really get married that night since they were already dressed, but that didn’t happen.


Grandma Grover: Winner for best costume


Shrek: Other winner for best costume


“Sweet” little Evie


She loves her dresses!

IMG_9584 IMG_9591 IMG_9593 IMG_9602 IMG_9605 IMG_9606 IMG_9614 IMG_9616 IMG_96092


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