Christmas Break

It was SO nice to have a week and a half off of work! AND, this year to have Chance have it off with me has been even more amazing!


After the Christmas holiday, Chance had to go back to work one day, and I joined Amber and her friend and went snowshoeing up AF Canyon. I was so grateful to go with them because I was dying to go. It was a beautiful day, but the snow was melting up there fast. Luckily there was enough for us to go, but it was patchy. We went up by where Chance had one of his tree stands for his bear hunt, then went on a trail just south of Tibble Fork Reservoir. I have been dying to go since, but just waiting for a snow storm!

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That night we met up with my friends Brittanie and Tara and their hubbies and kids for dinner at Milagros. It was fun to catch up and hear what everyone’s been up to!

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The next day we went to The Hobbit and dinner at The Black Sheep with Bronco, Jody, and the Bushmans. I didn’t love the Hobbit quite as much as everyone else, but the food was great!


Chance had a day with his Brothers, Dad, and friends and went ice fishing up Strawberry Reservoir. They didn’t catch many fish, but they had fun on the ice eating Brats and Hi-Chews. My parents and Danny came over to watch a basketball game at my house for a bit. I felt lucky to see them on their anniversary. They headed out for dinner to celebrate, and I went shopping and found Vanessa and Jordan there! I hung out with them for a bit, then went home to find Chance back.


Sunday we went to hear my mom talk in church about family. What an appropriate subject! We then went to watch the Packers at the Birds. I made Cauliflower soup. I had to add more spice and some cream, but it turned out to be quite good! Darla brought her Avon supplies and we painted nails, and tried different lipsticks. HaLee said “This makes me feel better”, while her nails were getting painted. Later that night Sheila helped me with my Relief Society lesson and we had a great talk about Heavenly Father.


Chance and I had a day of shopping! What an amazing husband to come shopping with me when he doesn’t like it. I was able to tempt him by going to World Market, where his favorite cookies are bought! We got some fun things, and headed home for some relaxation.

Tuesday: New Years Eve

I started the day with the gym, then cleaned my house and got the Christmas decorations put away, and then started cooking. Danny and Brooke came over for lunch, where I made Chance’s favorite meal Sesame Noodles with Peanut Sauce. We had a nice visit. After they left, I made Cafe Rio rice and dressing for the evening dinner, and had a little nap, then headed to the Birds for New Years Eve Bash!

Grandma Grover, Darla, and Don were in attendance. We ate Cafe Rio, and Amber and Don brought the dessert so we had pies and Peppermint ice cream. Don brought the fireworks again this year. HaLee said “More Don, More Please!” every time one went off. She loved them and said “Don, hold you”. (Meaning she wants him to hold her). She knows how to suck up 🙂

The funniest part of the evening was definitely Rollick. I have never seen Grandma Grover laugh so hard to where she was crying, watching people try to act things out. Don, Norm, Amber, and Jody were the stars. I wish I would have recorded it.

We then played Tess or course! Chance and Don both won, and I thought I would win with my Peter Branson name, but nope! Oh well, it was fun.

I was so tired and fell asleep by 10:30pm. So much for staying up till the new year.

Wednesday: New Year’s Day

2014 did not start out like we hoped, but it ended good! I woke up and found a voicemale from the neighbors saying that one of our dogs was injured and in their garage. Chip got scared by the fireworks and tried to jump the fence. He got his foot caught and luckily the neighbors found hims t 12:30am. We had to miss our scheduled tennis session with my parents, and went to see if he was ok. Luckily he was.

Since we didn’t get to play tennis, we still wanted to be active, so we did Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 video. Chance rocked it and has done it every day since! (Minus Sunday). I then went on an amazing run outside! It was so warm and my knees felt fine, so I was happy. Every time I run and my legs feel good I am constantly praying and thanking heavenly father for allowing me to do what I love. We then met my family at Thia Village for some lunch and had went home to relax before we had to go back to work! It was a relating evening.

What a break! I loved every second I got to spend with Chance. He was so willing to do whatever I wanted, and had such a great attitude about everyone. I am so grateful for him in my life, and can’t believe I found such a good husband. How blessed am I.


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