We started this holiday season out right with The Lower Lights Christmas concert for Sheila’s Birthday, thanks to Amber for planning it. We went to Eva’s for dinner, then went to hear the Christmas music and Hymns at the Masonic Temple in SLC. I fell in love with their music and listened to them and to The Hollering Pines (Two sisters who sang in the concert) on Spotify over and over at work the rest of the month. Beau, Em, and Evie were sick and couldn’t make it, but everyone else made it including Don. HaLee was ready to go home after dinner, but once the music started playing, she came to life, running back and forth kissing and licking and hugging us all.


The next holiday adventure was my Grandpa’s christmas party at his church in Draper. Danny and Brooke got into town a couple days earlier, and so everyone including Jordan were able to come! We had appetizers, soup bowls, and dessert. I made my favorite Tomato Basil soup. We had our annual White Elephant exchange, where Chance and I gave Jazz tickets, and Chance got a window scraper, and I got some Le Creuset small casserole dishes. Danny led the group with another survival game. Robby won the victory for his team with his knowledge. I thought Chance’s team would win… We went around the room as we each said what we were up to, and then Grandpa gave a little lesson. Chance said it was the best lesson he has given!

Week of Christmas

With my parents house situation this year, being in the small rental house, they decided to get a hotel for Christmas to fit everyone. I took half the day off work and headed up to the Zermatt Hotel in Midway Monday, two days before Christmas to start the holidays. Chance had to work and didn’t make it, but everyone else was there, including Jordan and Wesley’s two friends Mike and Fabian.

We got there and immediately went to the hot tub, all sporting our robes. We then ate delicious meatball paninis for dinner and made a gingerbread house for a family we gave Christmas to. We then went to deliver presents to that family. I played my violin while we sang Christmas carols, and chatted with them for a little bit. The kids immediately started eating the gingerbread house as soon as we brought it! We then played games and went to bed.


Off to the hot tub!


Christmas Eve

The next morning (Christmas Eve), we all headed to the hotel gym and had a family workout. Wesley and Mike lead the family in a group circuit workout. Luckily the gym was big, because there were a lot of us! After the workout we ate creamed eggs and headed to Sundance to Cross Country Ski. Not everyone ended up coming due to being sick and hurt, but the ones who did go had fun!  

photo-1_web photo-2_web photo-3_web

After skiing, I headed down to the Birds for their Christmas Eve party. Everyone was there this year including Don, Grandma Grover and Sheila’s neighbor Darla and her Son Dustin. We ate delicious food as always, then Grandma Grover had everyone say what they were happy about. We started the traditions with the annual Christmas story reading, then sang Christmas songs with Emilee on the piano and me on my violin. Then to chimes, and then to presents and then Tess.

Evie loved the chimes and enjoyed leading the music for us saying, “Ready, Set, Go!”. The nieces also loved dancing and singing to the Christmas songs. Chance and I loved watching them open their presents! We gave them books, and Evie a dominos set, and HaLee a dress-up set. HaLee was hilarious watching her put on all her jewelry, high heel shoes, and princess dress from Amber.

12-25-13_Hunters_IMG_2463 12-24-13_Christmas Eve28 12-24-13_Christmas Eve23photo-4_web

Christmas Day

The next morning, Chance and I got up early to head to Midway back to the Zermatt for Christmas with my family. We got there and ate waffles, opened presents, and played games. I kicked everyone’s butt in Scum. Everyone kicked my butt in Farkle. Chance liked sporting his Packer “huddler” for everyone. We then went and did a little workout at the hotel gym, and then Chance and I left to Papa Georgio’s house.

IMG_9831_webIMG_9837_web IMG_9838_web IMG_9840_web

We were greeted with more good food and family! We ate, opened presents, and played “Headbands”, a game chance won in our white elephant gift exchange. It was a fun few days and we were ready to go to bed after that.

I am so grateful for such amazing families. I love my in-laws! How many people can say that? I loved being with my family at the Zermatt. Most of all, I loved being with my husband. This year for Christmas Chance and I didn’t do individual gifts, but got new windows for our home. They haven’t come yet, but we are pretty excited for them, and the new heating bill. Chance is being VERY patient for his truck, but hopefully that will come in the next few months!



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