Book Reviews

So something BIG just happened! I just finished reading my first book since… I don’t remember when. Maybe 5 years ago? One thing that helped was that it wasn’t very long. Don’t get me wrong, I finish books all the time, but thats only when I can listen to them. I have to say, I would way rather listen to a book than read one: in the car, while cleaning my house, while making dinner, etc.


The Power of Everyday Missionaries by Clayton Christensen
This Book was the one that I actually read. It was really good! This was my 2nd book from Clayton Christensen and, like the first, it did not disappoint. It was a quick, easy read, and full of good information. I didn’t think about the fact that sometimes investigators don’t join the church because when told to read the scriptures, they don’t know how. I learned that I don’t read the right way either. I highly recommend this book.

Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly
I’ve read Killing Kennedy, so this is also the 2nd Bill O’Reilly book I’ve read (listened to). I enjoyed Killing Kennedy more. Mostly because of the scandals and movie stars it talked about. Yes, I can be shallow. I accept that. I liked this book because I wanted to learn more about Abraham Lincoln and his assassination. Other than that, it was not my favorite. It did not capture me. I do like that I’ve walked by Ford’s theater and been so close to all the action this last year. I would recommend this merely just for the info, but not so much because I enjoyed it. I’ve got to complete Killing Jesus now and so I’ve read all three!


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