URPA St. George Trip

The annual URPA conference has come again which means.. party in St. George! Chance and I drove up Saturday, a day early to start the party early. Saturday we went out to dinner at George’s Corner, which has amazing hamburgers, and then went for dessert at Neilsons Frozen Custard (which was disappointing), then hot tub, and then to bed!

Sunday was a great day. We went to Snow Canyon State Park for our first time and it was gorgeous. We hiked to the lava caves and on the slick rock and got some fun pics. After that, we went to the golfing range so I could get a golf lesson and Chance could practice for his tournament. I have to say, I like golf way more than I thought. Its peaceful and relaxing and you can be outside enjoying nature and sunshine while getting a tan :).
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That night we met up with the rest of the crew: Bronco, Jody, HaLee, and Mark and Allison. We went to the opening URPA dinner at the park and went back to the hotel to bed after doing Chance’s homework.

Monday the boys went off to their conference and I got to go on my beautiful run! Then Jody and HaLee and I did some shopping (our morning routine). We went to lunch at 25 Main and got some cupcakes, which made HaLee VERY happy. (I was happy too). That night was the conference BBQ and the food was actually really good! The weather was not quite as good and it was a little chilly. That night the boys and Allison went off to Mesquite to have their fun, and the girls (Jody, HaLee, and I) watched the season finale of the Bachelor! Total letdown.

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Tuesday, I got up, got my workout done, and then the girls went shopping, then walked around the temple (HaLee’s temple she said), and then went to watch Chance and his boss Rhett the the championship pickle-ball game. They took 2nd place overall! We then took off to the children’s museum.. which was crazy! It was spring break there, so it was packed. HaLee had the time of her life. I was so ready to get out of there, but I did love watching her in the play room where she got up on the stage and yelled “Ladies and Gentleman!” over and over again. It was hilarious. We went back, swam, and went the the banquet with the boys. It was LONNNNG. And boring. But the food was pretty good.

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Wednesday was the boys golf tournament, so they went off and did their thing, while we went shopping, of course, and then to get lunch and to the park. We picked up the boys and headed home.

It was a nice trip and I was not ready to come home. Unfortunately URPA will be in Provo next year, so we’ll have to find another excuse to go down to St. George next year!


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