Vanessa’s Getting Married: Bridal Shower

Vanessa’s wedding is almost here and it was time for her shower! We threw her a family/friend shower at my home and it was a success! The food was delicious, the games were fun, and the company was spectacular. Aunt Tana brought her A-game as usual and made amazing cream puffs and chicken salad sandwiches, mom made yummy Caesar salad and fruit salad, and I made Coconut White Texas Sheet Cake. Yum! Amber let us borrow her decorations which made the home look festive.

The company was great. We had the Krommenhoeks, the Johnsons, the Dyers, the Winegars, the Drapers, the Blackwells, a few of Nessy’s friends. My mom planned some fun games. Her and my dad put together a video of Jordan answering questions about him and Vanessa. The other game we played was an advice game, where we each chose a kitchen utensil (which Vanessa got to keep), and we gave advice that related to it.

Overall, it was a fun time. My only regret is not getting a picture of Vanessa!

IMG_9877_web IMG_9881_web IMG_9885_edit_web IMG_9890_web IMG_9891_web IMG_9893_edit_web

That night, we went to watch Lindsay and her SHS basketball take State Championships! Lindsay scored two 3-pointers. Awesome day. 


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