Easter/Family Photos

We started off the Easter festivities at Pappa Georgio and Merrilee’s home with lunch and an Easter Egg hunt for the grandkids. It was a beautiful Saturday.

IMG_9923_2_2 IMG_9928_2_2 IMG_9931_2_2 IMG_9946_2_2 IMG_9960_2_2

The next day we went over to my parent’s home for some Creamed Eggs, our family tradition! Yum… We attended their Sacrament meeting and went to see their almost finished house in Mapleton. Its gorgeous!

To finish things off, we then went to Sheila and Norm’s for a dinner and then Bird/Hunter family pictures at the park by Spanish Fork Golf Course. I had fun snapping some of my own pictures also.

BW5F3183_2 BW5F3234_2 BW5F3258_2 BW5F3263_2 BW5F3280-0_2 BW5F3307_2 BW5F3312_2 BW5F3317_2 BW5F3325_2 BW5F3355_2 BW5F3392-0_2 IMG_0106-Edit_2 IMG_0110_1_2 IMG_0117-blur_2 IMG_0140_1_2 IMG_0163_2 IMG_9974_2


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