Vanessa and Jordan’s Wedding

My sister Vanessa got married! I am so happy for her. She had a beautiful wedding, and she married a great guy.

We started the festivities on a Thursday night with the reception first, in Mapleton. We had delicious waffles and had fun socializing with family and friends. We also got the privilege to have Danny and Brooke sleep at our house that night!

The next morning we got up and drove to the Manti temple for the wedding. The weather was pretty nice, and the wedding is beautiful. We then drove back and went to Tucanos in the Riverwoods. It. Was. Amazing. It probably helped that I was starving, but the dinner was delicious. All of our cousins and aunt and uncles and my grandpa were there, and it was fun catching up while getting served many kinds of meats. Yum…

Also, you can see the invites I designed for their wedding/luncheon/reception and for her bridal shower below.

kateosbornephotography-225_2 kateosbornephotography-261_2 kateosbornephotography-265_2 kateosbornephotography-289_2 kateosbornephotography-301_2 kateosbornephotography-313_2 kateosbornephotography-315_2 kateosbornephotography-375_2 kateosbornephotography-485_2 kateosbornephotography-488_2 kateosbornephotography-491_2 kateosbornephotography-492_2 kateosbornephotography-516_2 kateosbornephotography-520_2 kateosbornephotography-522_2 kateosbornephotography-524_2 kateosbornephotography-525_2 kateosbornephotography-526_2 kateosbornephotography-528_2 kateosbornephotography-667_2 kateosbornephotography-856_2 kateosbornephotography-886_2 kateosbornephotography-946_2 kateosbornephotography-972_2 kateosbornephotography-1092_2 kateosbornephotography-38703_2


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