AF Canyon Hike

Our first hike of the summer with the dogs was gorgeous! And another first happened—the dogs got their first ride in the truck! It was gently raining and it smelled amazing. Chance was worried about the dogs making it all the way in their old age, but they did great.

IMG_0208_2_2 IMG_0214_2_2 IMG_0222_2_2 IMG_0226_2_2 IMG_0228_2_2 IMG_0234_2_2 IMG_0241_2_2 IMG_0252_2_2 IMG_0254_2_2 IMG_0257_2_2 IMG_0259_2_2 IMG_0262_2_2 IMG_0266_2_2 IMG_0268_2_2 IMG_0272-Edit_2_2


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