Canyoneering in Leprechaun Canyon

With Vanessa and Jordan’s move to St. Louis coming up, Jordan said he’d take us canyoneering (being a seasoned rock-climber) for a last-minute adventure! It was a quick overnight trip over the 4th of July, but so fun! His Brother, Eric came to help as well.

We drove down to Hanksville, Utah, ate some burgers, and got to the hike by 1pm on the 4th of July. It was hot. I didn’t know if I could walk 20 steps, let alone 3 or 4 miles! After some debate, we found the trailhead and started the hike. It was very hot until we got to the slot canyon. We Chance and Jordan got to be our body anchors as we repelled down into the slot canyon. There were 2 or 3 repels after that, and a lot of down-climbing to get to the bottom. Dark clouds were looming in the distance, which made us nervous it would start to rain. (Not a good thing to see when in a slot canyon). Luckily, it never did rain! Jordan and his brother Eric were so patient with us as we newbies repelled down the canyon. It took us a while, but we did it!

We found the Burger Shack in Hanksville on the way to our camp in Green Valley and got dinner, and then made our way back to camp to shower and sleep! The next day we ate tasty breakfast burritos and headed home! What a great way to send off the Winegars!


The Winegars


We’ll miss this face


So lucky to be married to this man!


Goggles to keep the dirt out of the eyes


Lindsay getting prepared


Our anchors. Chance really is my anchor 🙂


She doesn’t job, she runs.




Chance and Lindsay


We found some water! A quick refreshing part of the trail.

IMG_0707_2_web IMG_0712_2_web

IMG_0722_2 IMG_0735_2_web IMG_0758_2_web IMG_0762_2_web IMG_0763_2_web IMG_0765_2_web IMG_0766_2_web IMG_0768_2_web IMG_0772_2_web IMG_0778_2_web IMG_0779_2_web


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