Ragnar… Round 2

I decided to run Ragnar this year since my last awesome/horrible Ragnar experience. Dick, from my gym, needed another runner on their team, so I thought, why not!

My team thought we needed to get there a day early, so we left the Thursday before at noon to go check in on our way up to Logan. We got to Logan, decorated the vans, went out to dinner, and went to bed. I was feeling like I was getting sick, so I was worried, and tried to go to bed early. Luckily, I felt much better the day of the race! The cold didn’t come back until the race was over. I love my immune system!

I was runner 3 in van 1, so my first leg was 6.7 miles, then 5 files, then 7.8 miles. I ran my first run with decent time, trying not to go too hard on the first. I found a running buddy to run with that was my same pace and helped make the time go by faster. I felt good until the end of the run, when my hips started getting tight. My 2nd run was great.. kind of. I felt good until I actually started running, and had a pain in my kneecap. I tried to ignore it because I thought it was just a weird pain that would go away quickly. I did ignore it, but it didn’t go away. I was 1/3 through my run, and this young guy runs fast past me and I thought,  game on! so I raced him the whole way, and pretty much sprinted through the finish line and beat him! So that was fun. But my knee pain was not. And I realized my IT band was not happy with me either. I started the 3rd run, but with my IT band and my shooting pain in my kneecap, I only got a couple miles till Dick (my teammate) filled in for me for a few miles. I ran a couple more (walked), and then Dick finished for me. I would have walked the rest of it, but it was just slow…

The race went by a lot more quickly than last time (at least it seemed like it), since we were in 2 cars instead of all in one, and we had a hotel in Park City that we got to sleep in (for a few hours). The team was nice, and we had some great runners. Most of my van have done Ragnar many times, so they were pros.

I stayed in touch with Vanessa & Jordan and Amber during the race, since they were also doing it. I got to see Vanessa at the finish line, since there team finished right before ours.

In all, I’m glad I ran it and it was fun, but Ragnar is not my favorite. I don’t like sitting there for so long and waiting. And, I don’t think my body is cut out for this kind of race. Or just running in general. I need to get more into biking!


The Team: Melons and Marbles


Vanessa ran too! But with Jordan and his family. I got to see her finish the last run for her team, and go through the finish line


Van 1 – my van.


We stayed at the same motel that Chance and I would sneak into to go hot tubbing in college! Good memories..


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