Grandma Grover Turns 100!

Chance’s grandma turned 100 this month and we had to celebrate! Sheila cooked a roast, we talked with Grandma G. and our memories with her, and took family photos to remember this event! She raised an amazing daughter who raised an amazing son!

IMG_0467_2 IMG_0446_2IMG_0474_2IMG_0441_2  IMG_0481_2  IMG_0488_2  IMG_0480_2 IMG_0487_2 IMG_0497_2 IMG_0506_2 IMG_0510_2 IMG_0525_2IMG_0512_2-2IMG_0517_2IMG_0542_2 IMG_0549_2IMG_0550_2IMG_0532_2 IMG_0570_2IMG_0580_2_CROPEDIMG_0602_2IMG_0605_2IMG_0614_2 IMG_0620_2IMG_0615_2IMG_0554_2 IMG_0629_2


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