Halloween Fun

Halloween was full of laughs this year! AND, I got to wear 2 costumes. First, to kick of the holiday Hunter style, we had our annual party before Halloween that consists of chili, sugar cookies, and the costume contest! I was a mountain goat (obvious), and Chance was a hunter. (He wasn’t really in the mood to dress up with his shoulder hurting, so I went easy on him). We didn’t win unfortunately. HaLee and Evie, or should I say “Fancy Nancy” and the Bumblebee were the winners as usual, as well as Bronco and Jody (fancy nancy’s parents) and Norm (or should I say Amber), as the spider. Amber’s costumes usually win.

On the actual holiday, Chelsey and I decided last minute to do a costume together and dressed up as “80’s school pictures”. We had fun going to DI and finding our outfits and then getting ready the next morning. I do have to mention that I never want to go back to DI after the horrible thing that happened while I was looking for my custome. I tried on some pants and reached into the pockets and there was an old tissue! GROSS!! I am still mortified and disgusted to this day. Delane’s costume was hilarious so I had to include it as well. Chelsey gave him (and mark and andrew) the idea to be “tight pants” from Jimmy Fallon. He was doing the moves and everything!

That night we went over to Merrilee and Pappa Georgio’s and had more chili and trick-or-treating fun! I never have loved Halloween as much as I do now.


IMG_9443-2IMG_9446-2IMG_0832_2 IMG_0833_2 IMG_0834_2 IMG_1223

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