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Fall Is Here!

Chance can’t hunt because of his shoulder, but he can look at them! We went up the canyon and while the boys looked for deer, I took pictures! The canyon is gorgeous this fall!

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Grandma Grover Turns 100!

Chance’s grandma turned 100 this month and we had to celebrate! Sheila cooked a roast, we talked with Grandma G. and our memories with her, and took family photos to remember this event! She raised an amazing daughter who raised an amazing son!

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Hello St. Louis

My mom and I got to go to St. Louis to visit newlyweds Vanessa and Jordan! They just moved there for Jordan’s medical school and we thought we needed to see their new place before they got too busy!

We helped Vanessa decorate her 100-year-old, quite large, home-turned-apartment complex. Her and Jordan are on the bottom level and Jordan’s sister and her husband are on the top floor.

We got some italian food from this amazing restaurant, got some famous Ted Drewes ice cream, got some yummy Thai food, and best of all, had some awesome home-cooked cedar planked salmon with some yummy pineapple quinoa and asparagus.. mmmm! Vanessa also made us delicious Gandolfos breakfast sandwiches and some good pasta carbanara!

And… we did other stuff than just eat; we toured St. Louis! My mom and I braved the pouring rain to go to the gateway to the west: the St. Louis famous arch. On our way to the arch, the road was closed, so we drove around for almost on hour trying to get to the entrance and find a place to park. In our wayfinding, we made our way across the Mississippi  river twice, and one of those times were taken to East St. Louis (the most dangerous city in the U.S.). We didn’t know it at the time, and just flipped around and went back across the river. Happy to say we made it back alive. We did find the entrance and find where to park for the arch, only to step out into the pouring rain and get soaked! We couldn’t help but laugh at that point! And get some photos of us soaked and our umbrella broken. The one positive thing that came out of the rain was that there was no line for the arch! We went right up and back down.

We also toured the old courthouse, found this old mine – now converted into a recreation center where we took a barge ride through, we went to the old union station, spent a while walking through the botanical gardens, went to cherokee lane which had a bunch of antique shoppes, and saw St. Louis University, where  Vanessa and Jordan are going to school!

Its good to know where Nessy and Jordan live and happy to hear they are doing well! I’m still waiting for Vanessa to start her blog now that she is married and living out of state… I even have some name ideas…


Vanessa and Jordans home


My mom in front of the Winegars


We had to try out the most popular ice cream spot in St. Louis!


The Crew


Ted Drewes Ice cream… mmm…

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Found a cool sotre Antique shopping

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Vanessa walking in the rain

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We decided to go to the arch in pouring rain. I think we broke the umbrella


For some reason my feet were foamy.. ewe


My mom likes to talk on the phone


At the arch!

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View from the top of the arch

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We went to the top of that!

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Got some amazing italian food in the Italian district where all the fire hydrants were painted like this

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Cool museum in the city where you can play on the art


Historic st. Louis Union Station – now a hotel


All the buildings are red brick


we went on a barge tour through an old mine filled with water… interesting…


Didn’t go to a Cardinals game, but we did go by the stadium!


Botanical Gardens

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Easter/Family Photos

We started off the Easter festivities at Pappa Georgio and Merrilee’s home with lunch and an Easter Egg hunt for the grandkids. It was a beautiful Saturday.

IMG_9923_2_2 IMG_9928_2_2 IMG_9931_2_2 IMG_9946_2_2 IMG_9960_2_2

The next day we went over to my parent’s home for some Creamed Eggs, our family tradition! Yum… We attended their Sacrament meeting and went to see their almost finished house in Mapleton. Its gorgeous!

To finish things off, we then went to Sheila and Norm’s for a dinner and then Bird/Hunter family pictures at the park by Spanish Fork Golf Course. I had fun snapping some of my own pictures also.

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Winter in Alpine

The snow came down hard in Alpine this December and I wanted to remember how beautiful and peaceful it was. Chance drove me around one sunday before church and let me take pictures. We drove up to the top of the cemetery where you can overlook all the city, then drove up by the canyon trail.

IMG_9731_web IMG_9754_web IMG_9791_webIMG_9769_web


AF Canyon Drive

Chance took me on a beautiful fall drive up and over AF canyon to Cascade Springs. It was a perfect day with my husband who I finally get to spend time with! On top of that, we got to listen to the General Conference and priesthood session, and go to dinner with my family. Good day. I love conference weekend.


My first time visiting

IMG_9570 copy_vignette IMG_9552 copy2 IMG_9530 copy IMG_9465 copy IMG_9455 copy IMG_9544 copy2  IMG_9535 copy

IMG_9485 copy

On another note, we watched the Great Gatsby this weekend. It was not my favorite. Not at all. I had read it in school but forgot the story. Crazy that made us read that book in school!

Day 5 in DC (and Baltimore)

Knowing that we would be on the plane half the day, we started the morning with another Tabata session, this time on the roof and Danny and Brooke’s apartment. We all took turns choosing different exercises, which was fun. As we were working out, Vanessa noticed a bunch of cocoons on the side of the trash can, with butterflies coming out of them! It was quite fascinating, I wish I would have gotten a picture.

We showered and packed and headed to Baltimore! Before the airport, we went to the harbor there to check it out and eat lunch. We found Little Italy, where we got such good sandwiches and pizza! They then dropped us off at the airport and Vanessa and I flew home! I got some good napping on the plane and some good Solitaire.

This trip was so much fun and I’m so grateful to my parents for allowing us to go, and so glad I could take that time off of work. I did miss Chance, but its so fun to see him again after being a part. We learned a few things while on this trip. I learned that Danny LOVES marshmallows. He had a bag of marshmallows and would just eat them plain. He had us all get marshmallow milkshakes. Vanessa learned that I love taking pictures! (She will thank me after seeing these posts). Brooke probably learned that we girls eat a lot. (Can we help it when her cooking is so good?) I am already missing Danny and Brooke and their city, but we will see them soon, and I can’t wait! Such a fun trip! I’m so glad I got to spend this time with Vanessa before she leaves to Boston on her mission.

IMG_9235 IMG_9238

Day 4 in DC

We decided to skip the workout Wednesday, knowing that walking would be enough. Danny joined Vanessa and I as we biked to the Holocaust museum in the morning. It was such a good museum, but very sad. There was so much information, you could be in there all day if you read it all and watched all the videos. I enjoyed this more than the other museum, but I was also more alert and energized.

We then hopped back on our bikes to finish out the monuments we had missed, like the Jefferson and the Martin Luther King. Brooke ran over to meet us for lunch by the Law school to eat at the food trucks that were lined up. We each got a different type of food and sampled each others.

Vanessa and I decided we were done with the museums, and so we headed to the DC temple on the Metro, and then walked a mile from the metro to the temple. It was fun going through the temple with them and seeing the new movie there. We took photos outside of the temple afterwards, and grabbed the shuttle back to the metro and headed home for some homemade fish tacos and a Cherry Tart! Again, Brooke cooked for us and it was again delicious.

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