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Bryce Canyon Adventure

Amber got the great idea to do a quick weekend trip to Bryce Canyon in November, so off we went!

Only after Chance’s Draper Turkey Trot 5k of course!

IMG_1234 IMG_1238

The crew included Chance and I, Amber, and her 2 friends Ryan and Brian. We loaded up the car and got there in time to grab some dinner at Ruby’s Inn restaurant (which was gross) and then over for a night hike in Bryce. We couldn’t see much in the dark, but the weather wasn’t too cold, so we had fun.

The next day we went on an 8 mile hike through most of the canyon. Chance did great with his hurt shoulder, but was really tired by the end of the day!But so was I, so… We got pictures at sunset point at sunset then headed for dinner. We then found a good restaurant that night which was much needed! We got amazing burgers/sandwiches and ordered the biggest Rootbeer floats ever, which they didn’t even have on their menu. Mmm..

The next day we were going to go on a small hike but it was sooo windy! So we went back to the little restaurant we went to the night before and got breakfast and headed out. Poor Brian did not get his burger because it was not served at breakfast and was pretty sad about that he survived I think!

It was a fun trip! Fun to go back after 15+ years!

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Chance just taking it all in…


Making our way


We love each other

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Best root-beer float ever!

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Halloween Fun

Halloween was full of laughs this year! AND, I got to wear 2 costumes. First, to kick of the holiday Hunter style, we had our annual party before Halloween that consists of chili, sugar cookies, and the costume contest! I was a mountain goat (obvious), and Chance was a hunter. (He wasn’t really in the mood to dress up with his shoulder hurting, so I went easy on him). We didn’t win unfortunately. HaLee and Evie, or should I say “Fancy Nancy” and the Bumblebee were the winners as usual, as well as Bronco and Jody (fancy nancy’s parents) and Norm (or should I say Amber), as the spider. Amber’s costumes usually win.

On the actual holiday, Chelsey and I decided last minute to do a costume together and dressed up as “80’s school pictures”. We had fun going to DI and finding our outfits and then getting ready the next morning. I do have to mention that I never want to go back to DI after the horrible thing that happened while I was looking for my custome. I tried on some pants and reached into the pockets and there was an old tissue! GROSS!! I am still mortified and disgusted to this day. Delane’s costume was hilarious so I had to include it as well. Chelsey gave him (and mark and andrew) the idea to be “tight pants” from Jimmy Fallon. He was doing the moves and everything!

That night we went over to Merrilee and Pappa Georgio’s and had more chili and trick-or-treating fun! I never have loved Halloween as much as I do now.


IMG_9443-2IMG_9446-2IMG_0832_2 IMG_0833_2 IMG_0834_2 IMG_1223

IMG_0604_2 IMG_0609_2 IMG_0611_2 IMG_0623_2 IMG_0625_2 IMG_0628_2 IMG_0632_2 IMG_1163



Broken Collar Bone

The words I do not like to hear are “Hey honey, don’t freak out, but… ” Chance followed it up with “…I think I broke my collar bone”, which was a relief because it could have been way worse!

So, Chance and his friend Brett had planned a hunting trip to Idaho, but Chance couldn’t wait till his friend could go, so he went up by himself the night before with his dad’s four-wheeler loaded in the back of the truck. He got there, glassed for animals, and then was riding the four-wheeler back to camp, when it started rolling out from underneath him going really slow down a steep hill. It rolled multiple times, eventually landing right-side-up which was good, but hitting chance’s shoulder on the way. Chance said he went into shock for a second, but came out of it really quick. He knew there were people close by that would be coming down the trail soon, so he waited about 20 minutes and the nice hunters helped him get his stuff back and loaded to the truck, and he drove back home, calling me once he got service.

He got home safely and we drove to the ER to get an X-ray and determine if it really was broken. It was! In 2 places. And they thought he would need surgery. They referred us to a doctor and sent us on our way at 2AM. Chance wasn’t in a ton of pain that night, until they had him take off his tight Under Armour shirt, which then made him feel like he was going to throw-up.

We waited all weekend to see the doctor, only to be referred to another more specialized doctor. We met with the other doctor a few days later and he agreed that Chance should get surgery, so we scheduled it for a week later. Poor Chancey!

Chance’s mom and Norm came to the hospital with us for his surgery, which was sooo nice! Everything went well, but the doctor had to go with his plan b, which meant putting in a metal rod that will need to come out in about 5 months from now – requiring one more surgery. That is kind of a bummer, but Chance has been healing and feeling better, so we’re glad everything worked out!

He’s been going to physical therapy a few times a week and trying to get strong enough to pull back his bow, so he can hopefully hunt the last weekend of the extended archery hunt. He’s been so positive these few months, not being able to hunt! It has been nice to have my husband home with me most of fall though—I’m not used to that!

You really grow closer to someone when you have to rely on the other person. I got to help Chance change every morning before and after his shower, I got to feed the dogs (my least favorite part), I got to do all the household chores, I got to rub oils on Chance every night. We really did grow closer, and so for that, I’m grateful for this experience. And hopefully Chance learned something too… and by that I mean to never go hunting by yourself, and to wear a helmet when riding a four-wheeler because it could have been way worse.

We also learned what nice family we have. We already knew this, but we do have great support! Chance’s parents came over to hang out with him and fed him while he was lonely at home and I was at work, my parents brought us dinner and ice packs, Amber even fed the dogs a couple times (worst chore ever), Beau and Emilee brought us some yummy treats and entertainment, dancing in the basement with Evie and the “big bucks”. Jody brought HaLee over and hung out with us while the brothers were hunting… We are so blessed! And luckily the four-wheeler wasn’t too expensive to fix!

I wish I took more pictures, but here are the ones I have…


At the ER with Chance the night of the accident


Waiting to hear if he broke is collar bone


Chance’s Surgery stats


Right before surgery

Halloween Fun with HaLee Jo

The Hunter boys (minus Chance because of his injury), went hunting so the rest of us (Chance, Amber, Jody, HaLee and I) partied and had a sleepover! We made sugar cookies, we went to the Christmas tree farm, we watched some cartoons, and we went to Gardner Village to see the witches, get a face-painting, and to find HaLee the “perfect dress”. We had lots of fun!




First stop in Gardner Village: Face Painting


Uncle Chancey and HaLee Jo


IMG_0823_2-2 IMG_0819_2

Baby Jayda Has Arrived!

Jayda is here and we couldn’t be more thrilled! She was born on October 8th  at 4:38pm and weighed 7.10 pounds,  21 inches long. Mom and baby are healthy and happy! I got to go to the hospital to see her the day after she was born, and then again a couple days later when they got home. Here are some photos below. I got photos of Jen, but they are on her sister’s camera, dang it!


Chance broke his collar bone, so he couldn’t hold her


Lindsay holding her for the first time.

IMG_0689_2 IMG_0665_2 IMG_0662_2 IMG_0647_2

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Shot from the hospital


Her favorite Aunt holding her for the first time


My first time Holding Jayda

A Baby On The Way!

Wesley and Jen are almost due with baby Jayda Lane! We are thrilled and so excited to finally have a baby in the family, and for my parents to become grandparents! Woohoo! My mom threw Jen a baby shower to celebrate. We had it at their new beautiful home where we ate delicious Thai Chicken Sliders and slurp cookies. Mmmm. My mom put the boys on grilling duty while the girls enjoyed the food, chatted, played Tinkle in the Pot, wrote on diapers, and watched Jen open her presents. Baby Jayda is going to be stylin’! She got lots and lots of clothes. Here are pictures below:

IMG_5026_MG_5014 _MG_5015IMG_5027 IMG_5031 IMG_5041 IMG_5042IMG_9309IMG_9317IMG_9302 IMG_9308IMG_9325 IMG_9337IMG_9335 IMG_9343 IMG_9344IMG_9329   IMG_9348   IMG_9349IMG_9342IMG_9351 IMG_9354 IMG_9360 IMG_9362

Hunting Season

In preparation for hunting season, we got out the spotting scope and binoculars.By we, I mean Chance. I just like to take pictures! We went up with his cousin and our neighbors! Here’s some pretty pictures of the canyon that we love so much…

IMG_0333_2 IMG_0336_2 IMG_0341_2 IMG_0342_2IMG_0329_2