Broken Collar Bone

The words I do not like to hear are “Hey honey, don’t freak out, but… ” Chance followed it up with “…I think I broke my collar bone”, which was a relief because it could have been way worse!

So, Chance and his friend Brett had planned a hunting trip to Idaho, but Chance couldn’t wait till his friend could go, so he went up by himself the night before with his dad’s four-wheeler loaded in the back of the truck. He got there, glassed for animals, and then was riding the four-wheeler back to camp, when it started rolling out from underneath him going really slow down a steep hill. It rolled multiple times, eventually landing right-side-up which was good, but hitting chance’s shoulder on the way. Chance said he went into shock for a second, but came out of it really quick. He knew there were people close by that would be coming down the trail soon, so he waited about 20 minutes and the nice hunters helped him get his stuff back and loaded to the truck, and he drove back home, calling me once he got service.

He got home safely and we drove to the ER to get an X-ray and determine if it really was broken. It was! In 2 places. And they thought he would need surgery. They referred us to a doctor and sent us on our way at 2AM. Chance wasn’t in a ton of pain that night, until they had him take off his tight Under Armour shirt, which then made him feel like he was going to throw-up.

We waited all weekend to see the doctor, only to be referred to another more specialized doctor. We met with the other doctor a few days later and he agreed that Chance should get surgery, so we scheduled it for a week later. Poor Chancey!

Chance’s mom and Norm came to the hospital with us for his surgery, which was sooo nice! Everything went well, but the doctor had to go with his plan b, which meant putting in a metal rod that will need to come out in about 5 months from now – requiring one more surgery. That is kind of a bummer, but Chance has been healing and feeling better, so we’re glad everything worked out!

He’s been going to physical therapy a few times a week and trying to get strong enough to pull back his bow, so he can hopefully hunt the last weekend of the extended archery hunt. He’s been so positive these few months, not being able to hunt! It has been nice to have my husband home with me most of fall though—I’m not used to that!

You really grow closer to someone when you have to rely on the other person. I got to help Chance change every morning before and after his shower, I got to feed the dogs (my least favorite part), I got to do all the household chores, I got to rub oils on Chance every night. We really did grow closer, and so for that, I’m grateful for this experience. And hopefully Chance learned something too… and by that I mean to never go hunting by yourself, and to wear a helmet when riding a four-wheeler because it could have been way worse.

We also learned what nice family we have. We already knew this, but we do have great support! Chance’s parents came over to hang out with him and fed him while he was lonely at home and I was at work, my parents brought us dinner and ice packs, Amber even fed the dogs a couple times (worst chore ever), Beau and Emilee brought us some yummy treats and entertainment, dancing in the basement with Evie and the “big bucks”. Jody brought HaLee over and hung out with us while the brothers were hunting… We are so blessed! And luckily the four-wheeler wasn’t too expensive to fix!

I wish I took more pictures, but here are the ones I have…


At the ER with Chance the night of the accident


Waiting to hear if he broke is collar bone


Chance’s Surgery stats


Right before surgery


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